1The team fee will be $290 for the 8 week season plus a 5% Howard County amusement tax.  In addition, teams pay referees directly; each team pays $11 per three-game match. A discount of $10 for each season the team (with 4 or more of the same members) has played in the past year- up to 3 seasons ($30 MAX) can be applied but ONLY IF THE TEAM FEE IS PAID IN FULL ON OR BEFORE THE START DATE FOR THE LEAGUE (sorry no exceptions).

Registration through the US Postal Service:

Please print the registration form, fill it out, stuff it in an envelope, lick that stamp and mail to:

Volleyball House
PO Box 8832
Elkridge, MD 21075

(you may bring your roster in with you to the first game if you prefer)

Alternately, please email the following information to vbhouse@vbhouse.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1.) Team name  2.) Captain and alternate contact information (phone and email)  (3) League requested.


Free Agents

free' a'gent - (Volleyball House, 1st edition, abridged): 1. a person who is new to the area or the sport and is not able to find 5 friends to play with him or her on a Volleyball House league team, but still wants to play in a league. 2. an individual who has no friends in the greater Baltiomre/DC area that will play volleyball with him or her, but still wishes to play in a Volleyball House league 3. a person who is too lazy to call his or her friends in the greater Baltimore/DC area to play in a Volleyball House league [1990-91]' -free' a'gency, free' a'gentry (not common usage in Elkridge).


Open Play

2Several nights during the week Vollleyball House hosts drop-in volleyball. Open play night is a good introduction to Volleyball House and many of the league participants also join us for drop-in play. Friday evening has the widest range of drop-in choices with regard to level of play since all 6 courts will be open for drop-in. Courts will be designated with skill levels so you can find your level of play.


Open Play Schedule

Court Rental

Rates and Availability:

We may have courts available for rental after or before our evening leagues. Please call Volleyball House to check availability at 410-579-1007.

Court rental rate is $35/hour. Prepayment is required.