Summer 2017 Volleyball Clinic/League


For High School Girls


The league will play on both Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:00. It will begin 6/27 and run to 7/27. Players may enter as complete teams or as individual players who will be formed into teams. A clinic will be held on the first two nights. For the next four weeks, teams will play matches with their teams at either 7 pm or 8 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, and players will have the option to take additional clinics before or after their matches.  High School rules will be used.   Individual registration form is below.  It should be sent with a check for $100.00 payable to Volleyball House at:  Volleyball House  PO Box 8832.  Elkridge MD 21075. For more info call 410-579-1007.

Name __________________________________           Age ______  Grade ___


Address _________________________________         Phone No.___-___-______


            __________________________________        Email   _______________ 


School _________________                Emergency contact phone_______________


Did you play club volleyball?   Yes / No   If yes, for whom?__________________


Please list the people you want to have on your team.


1 ___________________ 2 _________________ 3______________________


4 ___________________ 5 _________________ 6 _____________________


7___________________  8 _________________   


I understand that the play of volleyball carries the risk of injury and I will not hold Volleyball House or the coaches liable.


Signature of player______________________       Date ___________

Signature of parent or guardian ____________________________